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Rack Works Inc. also specializes in Paint Racks, PVD Racks, and Powdering Coating Racks. RWI personnel have the experience and knowledge necessary to assist your company in the design and construction of your paint, powdering coating racks, and physical vapor deposition racks.
We make simple steel paint rack hooks that load manually on fixed paint spray setups to large paint racks that load and travel on large computerized paint lines. Angles, tips, and positioning of parts are designed according to your specs and system requirements. 
Our powdering coating racks also can be designed and built with all-steel frames and stainless steel tips, or all stainless-steel frames with stainless steel tips. We offer rack hanger customization to accommodate any automatic loading and unloading system. Rack tips are staggered for maximum part exposure to the powder coating process.
We also offer custom burn-off carts to hold your racks and for rack cleaning in industrial burn-off ovens. Burns-off carts are normally made from all steel materials and can be built with fork pockets for ease in pick-up by tow motors.

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Our racks are designed with replaceable tips and can easily be serviced by companies who have their own machine shops or send their racks out to rack shops for routine maintenance. You can easily reorder replacement tips from us should you ever need them. We also offer paint and powder coat rack cleaning, repair, and maintenance programs. Email or call us for complete details.
We also make PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) racks. Again, we can custom make these for any type of system or part layout that your system requires for maximum part exposure to the process. We also strictly adhere to your rack height and width requirements.
All our racks can have the part numbers put on them for easy identification by your racking personnel. These can include stamped numbers tags or stamped computerized scanning tags.
No matter what type of parts that you are coating, Rack Works Inc. can design and build your racks. We custom build every part of your rack and inspect each and every one for quality before we ship or deliver them to you for use.

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Normally, one of our experts will need to come to your faculty and meet with your painting or coating process personnel to inspect your system setup and discuss your rack and part requirements. A quote will then be given as to the estimated cost of each individual rack. The designing and sample rack building phase will begin next, if you so request. Sample parts are usually required for this step so that we can design tips that hold the part properly on the rack and for spacing and proper coating exposure purposes. We will build you a sample rack and allow you to test it on your system and inspect how the parts have coated. If any changes are required, we will then design another sample rack with any required modifications (if needed). After you are satisfied with your racks performance, we will give you a final production cost per rack. We can then begin production of your paint, powder coat, or PVD racks once we receive your approval.

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