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RWI understands the electroplating process and has worked with many different types of setups. We have been in the business since 1995 and worked side-by-side with some of the biggest names in the plating business. David Smith, our sales manager, has been in the plating business for over 30 years and so has the owner, Mike Francis. They were both in the plating rack business before starting Rack Works Inc. Our tip designers and plastisol coatings experts are the best in the business.

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We will work with your company and your plating personnel to create racks that offer maximum current flow, part exposure, and drainage. Our tips are designed to be highly durable and to securely hold the part in place during the plating and moving processes. RWI plating racks are also designed to hold as many parts as possible and not sacrifice individual parts exposure. RWI can build your plating racks to hang on any type of loading and unloading system that your company uses, along with the proper width and height requirements of your tanks and system.

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Rack Works Inc. also offers rack maintenance programs to repair, upgrade, and maintain your companies plating racks. No rack is too big or too small for us to design, build, repair, or maintain. We also know that time is of the essence in the business world. We offer expedited service in most situations.
All RWI sales personnel are experts in the plating process and will work directly with you to create racks that perform as you need them to. We offer competitive pricing, yet we do not sacrifice quality to “save a buck”. All our racks are thoroughly inspected before leaving the plant and are packed for proper shipment to your facility.
Give us a call or drop an email and one of our knowledgeable salesmen will contact you. Let’s work together to create you the best plating racks in the industry.

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Normally, one of our experts will need to come to your faculty and meet with your plating personnel to inspect your plating system setup and discuss your rack and part requirements. A quote will then be given as to the estimated cost of each individual rack. The designing and sample rack building phase will begin next, if you so request. Sample parts are usually required for this step so that we can design tips that hold the part properly on the rack and for spacing and proper exposure purposes. We will build you a sample plating rack and allow you to test it on your system and inspect how the parts have plated. If any changes are required, we will then design another sample rack with any required modifications (if needed). After you are satisfied with your rack's performance, we will give you a final production cost per plating rack. We can then begin production of your plating racks once we receive your approval.

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